The guardian newspaper travel photography competition ielts general reading answers

What do you think makes good friends? Answer Well, there are some specific attributes that make good friends. Give a reason for your answer To me, a good friend should be dependable and sincere who is always willing to do stupid things with you and give you a lot of motivation to overcome fierce….

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Why do some people throw garbage on the street? Personally, I think the primary reason why people drop litter on the street is because of their ignorance in keeping the street clean.

There are even some trash bins but people still throw garbage somewhere else. What do you do with garbage when you…. Will you learn other languages in the future? Answer Well, my foremost choice would be French. Give a reason for your answer On the one hand, I am really into travelling to France because this nation boasts a diverse range of culture like literature, architecture, fashion, and cooking. A good command of French will…. What is your favorite movie? Answer Well, I am an avid movie fan, and my favorite movie is Parasite, a South Korean black comedy thriller film directed by Bong Joon-ho.

Where do you usually take a walk?

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I like to walk with my friends to the park so that we can talk and feel less exhausted on the way. Give a reason for your answer 2. Do you think people will walk more or not….

the guardian newspaper travel photography competition ielts general reading answers

Has your voice ever changed? Answer Yes, it actually changes most often when I come down with serious flu. I think it causes swelling that alters the way my vocal…. What do you need to be focused? Answer Well, I think there are certain ways that keep myself always fixated on a task. Give a reason for your answer I would normally set aside a specific time and place and request to be left alone for a period of time.

Another alternative for me….You should spend about 20 minutes on Questionswhich are based on Reading Passages below. I have one room available in a large apartment located just off Queen and Bathurst in Toronto. The room is fully furnished with a double bed, desk, shelf and wardrobe.

The third room is occupied by Simon, who is from Australia. He works part-time in a music shop downtown and is a great drummer. We both like keeping the place neat and tidy — I actually enjoy cleaning in my spare time and sometimes we do it together as a roommate team we make it fun! I love watching movies, exploring, getting out of the city and into the outdoors, and listening to music. The apartment itself is very large and comes equipped with unlimited wi-fi, a fully stocked kitchen, cable television, and Netflix.

We also have two cats who are well-behaved but they might be a problem if you have allergies. Questions Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text? In boxes on your answer sheet, write.

The room available has two beds. Sasha does all the cleaning in the apartment. Sasha likes being in the open air. The room available would be suitable for someone who likes to be quiet.

Sasha thinks her apartment is in the best part of Toronto. Sasha has never had a roommate from Canada. Beat2 There are a wealth of running apps available, but Beat2 is a good one. The best bit is when you explode into a sprint and the music pounds in your ears. Or if you fancy something different, the app also has In-App Purchases, including tales of past sporting heroes you can listen to while you run.

All of that comes free of charge, while a premium version adds even more tools. Yes, you read the last of those right — you can have friends cheer you on as you huff and puff during a run. Questions Look at the four reviews of smartphone fitness apps, A-D. For which app are the following statements true?

Write the correct letter, A-Din boxes on your answer sheet. This app can be used for more than one sport. You have to pay if you want this app to suggest where you can go.

This app has well-presented visuals. You do not have to pay for any of the features on this app. You can pay to download true stories on this app. You can get ideas about where to go from other people on this app. This app gives you details of the energy you have used.

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FALSE 2.Best photographs of the day Bluebells and a bathing elephant: Wednesday's top photos. Published: PM. Published: AM. Giving thanks for healthcare workers around the world — in pictures.

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From Warhol to Basquiat: behind a revealing set of artist portraits. Through the s, Jeannette Montgomery Barron captured artists at home, showcased in an intimate online exhibition.

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Blown-up buildings and suffocating fish: Sony world photography awards — in pictures. Looking for Henriette: Roland Barthes' tantalising mystery.

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Photography then and now Bangkok's water festival venue before and during coronavirus — in pictures. Lockdown culture 'Like a glass of iced water to the face': filmmakers, artists and actors on Covid From a self-isolation thriller to photographs exploring the human touch, coronavirus has made artists of all kinds re-evaluate their work.

From the agencies Coronavirus in Cuba — in pictures. Seascape: the state of our oceans Beautiful, dangerous, damaged: photographers' top ocean shots. Best photographs of the day Angry birds and the year of the rat: Monday's best photos.

Self isolation work spaces: eight designers let us into their homes — in pictures. Sir Stirling Moss — motor racing legend's life in pictures.

the guardian newspaper travel photography competition ielts general reading answers

We take a look back at his life. A new photo of the Beatles lets us see them with fresh eyes Vanessa Thorpe. The youthful carefree musicians captured in a way we had forgotten. The big picture The big picture: look, no hands! Easter in Cardiff, A Fleet Street snapper captures children playing a chocolate-egg version of a Halloween classic.

The early days of home computing — in pictures. Mick Rock releases unseen photographs of s rock royalty to support NHS. Photographer and friend of David Bowie will donate money from sales of portraits to buy protective masks for hospital staff. Extraordinary portraits of ordinary bugs - in pictures. Twenty photographs of the week 20 photographs of the week. Physical distancing, self-isolation and lockdown — the most striking photographs on coronavirus from around the world.Hi, I'm Liz.

There is a sample of questions for each part of the test. Two model answers are given at the bottom of the page. Email Address. I am hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click below:. Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz. Newspapers: Part 1 Questions How do you usually get your news?

How often do you read the newspaper? What type of news do you prefer to read? Do most people in your country follow the news? How do most people in your country access the news? Do you pay much attention to headlines?

Readers’ travel photography competition: September winners

Do you think it is important to follow the news? Newspapers: Part 2 Cue Card Describe an article in a newspaper you have recent read. You should say: when you read it where you read it what it was about and explain what you found interesting about it. Why do you think some people only skim read a newspaper? Do you think headlines are important?

Which is more important — domestic or international news? How have newspapers changed over the last few decades in your country? Do you think everything we read in newspapers is true?

Do you think the government has the right to censor the press? Model Answers How do you usually get the news? Well, it depends on my day.Guardian Australia's David Fanner took four days to trek the new coastal walk linking two of Sydney's favourite beaches.

Experience his 80km hike around the city's harbour — in just five minutes. Travel photography. Arctic adventure: a photography tour of Greenland. His images reflect threatened landscapes and remote communities. Published: PM. The Guardian picture essay Little town of Bethlehem — a travel photo essay. Palestinians increasingly see tourism as a way to tell their story, and a trip to Bethlehem and East Jerusalem offers an evocative insight into the hopes and fears of the West Bank community.

Published: AM.

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The Ice Hotel opens for winter in Swedish Lapland — in pictures. The final selfie frontier: app takes pictures from 36,km up in space. The Guardian picture essay Turkfest: Ireland's little festival with a big heart — a photo essay. The Guardian picture essay Sandbank picnic: a sailing adventure off the Norfolk coast — a photo essay. Dreaming of Antarctica: where beauty and fragility meet. The exhibition is a thank you to the NHS for the treatment she received.

Here, she details the spellbinding sights she captured on her trip. Hot snap: the UK heatwave on Instagram. Looking cool in the sun? Unesco has named the capital of Rajasthan, India, a world heritage site, partly for its jewellery and artisanal traditions, which continue to thrive on one of its main commercial streets. Peru celebrates Inca sun festival: Inti Raymi — in pictures. In Cusco, a re-enactment of the Inca festival of the sun attracts thousands of tourists at the end of June, closing a month of religious and cultural festivities.

Play Video. Bondi-to-Manly hyperlapse: Sydney's spectacular harbour walk — video. Readers' travel photo competition Wide-eyed adventure: Exploring Costa Rica — in pictures. His images document an eye-opening journey. Silo mural project in the little-visited La Mancha province turns Don Quixote land into giant art project. Guardian Print Shop Buy a winning Guardian readers' travel photograph.

The Guardian picture essay Big spring clean: UK charity's beach clear-up — a photo essay. Over the next week, Surfers Against Sewage is mobilising more than 30, volunteers to clear the plastic flotsam and jetsam from the UK coastline. Wave reviews: Under — Norway's new underwater restaurant. A semi-submerged restaurant in Lindesnes on the coast of southern Norway offers diners a sustainable menu and a window onto the seabed.

The Guardian picture essay Tasmania's devil of a climb: a photo essay. On a climbing trip in Australia — to the rock formations below Mount Wellington near Hobart — Murdo MacLeod gets more drama than he bargained for. National Geographic Traveller UK: photo competition — winners.

Celebrating the UK's national parks at 70 — in pictures. Winning and shortlisted images from the Campaign for National Parks photo competition capture the beauty and diversity of these landscapes. The Guardian picture essay Mountain rescue: Why bothies need a helping hand — a photo essay.You should spend about 20 minutes on Questionswhich are based on Reading Passage 1 below. Refrigeration is a process of removing heat, which means cooling an area or a substance below the environmental temperature.

Mechanical refrigeration makes use of he evaporation of a liquid refrigerant, which goes through a cycle so that it can be reused. People used to find various ways to preserve their food before the advent of mechanical refrigeration systems.

In spite of those measures, they could not survive rapid spoilage. Cooling drinks grew very popular in Europe byparticularly in Spain, France, and Italy. The solution was intended to create very low temperatures and even to make ice. Also, he improved the processing techniques for storing, transporting and distributing ice with less waste.

As a result, the clean, mechanical refrigeration was considerately in need. Many inventors with creative ideas took part in the process of inventing refrigeration, and each version was built on the previous discoveries.

He soon invented the first man-made refrigerator at the University of Glasgow in with the employment of ethyl ether boiling into a partial vacuum. UntilEvans obtained the first patent for mechanical refrigeration in the USA. InMichael Faraday, a Londoner, first liquefied ammonia to cause cooling. Nearly a decade later, this mechanical refrigerating method was adopted subsequently by he meat packing industry in Chicago. Sincecars with the refrigerating system had been utilised to deliver and distribute milk and butter.

Untilmost seafood and dairy products were transported with cold-chain logistics. Inrefrigerated, railroad cars are patented to J. Depending on the cargo such as meat, fruits etc.

Inthe first refrigerated car to carry fresh fruit was manufactured by Parker Earle of Illinois, who shipped strawberries on the Illinois Central Railroad. From the late s tothe refrigerators employed toxic gases - methyl chloride, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide - as refrigerants.

But in the s, a great number of lethal accidents took place due to the leakage of methyl chloride out of refrigerators. Therefore, some American companies started to seek some secure methods of refrigeration.

On Oct. Mike Hettwer, a photographer in the team, was attracted by the amazing scenes and walked to several dunes to take photos of the amazing landscape.The photo competition is back, giving you another chance to win an incredible trip to Swedish Lapland.

Do you have a camera and love travelling? If so, our annual photography competition run by the Travel section of The Guardian is for you. Once the exhibition is finished, each monthly winner will receive a framed copy of their shot to place with pride on their own wall.

There will be a different theme for each month. To enter you must be living in the UK from the time you submit your entry into the competition to the time you are selected as a winner. The competition is open to all photographers both amateur and professional.

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The host for this specialist holiday is Fredrik Broman, who has been a nature photographer for 21 years. Fredrik will assist the winner and other participants in photographing a wide variety of winter subjects.

Each day has a specific focus. The trip includes winter light photography workshops, an image editing workshop, a night photography course, and an action photography workshop. The overall winner will be required to write a report of the trip, and take accompanying photographs, which will be printed in the Travel section of The Guardian at a later.

The Guardian reserves the right, however, to modify your report and photos as necessary. Your name will of course appear with the article and photos. Read more. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Attempt full reading test….

the guardian newspaper travel photography competition ielts general reading answers

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